The Secret of the Old Cloche :
Agatha Christine Mystery Stories
by Leslie Stahlhut

Published: January 31, 2023  |  LCCN: 2022949634

Paperback:   $14.95 USD  |  ISBN 978-1-58775-036-6
E-Book:  $9.99 USD  |  ISBN 978-1-58775-037-3

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Southwest Book Design and Production Awards, Finalist

The Secret of the Old Cloche was a finalist in the 2023 New Mexico Book Association’s Southwest Book Design and Production Awards!

The entire novel has a sweetly cute feel to it: a modern mystery inspired by works of its forbears, including [Agatha] Christie and the pseudonymous Carolyn Keene of Nancy Drew fame. Indeed, the narrative is riddled with homages, which should be a delight to fans of the aforementioned authors and the cozy mystery genre in general.

— Kirkus Reviews


Leslie Stahlhut reading the first chapter of The Secret of the Old Cloche.

About the Book

After one too many glasses of wine at a business dinner, Agatha Christine is suddenly out of work, losing both her CIA job and her cover job in the same day. Following her financial planner’s advice, she moves back to her home town to live with her mother, while she builds a new career as a crochet designer. She is offered an investigative job, and with bills to pay and a career to launch, she can’t afford to say no. She is thrust into a mystery where pet lovers and crafters in this DIY wonderland battle with NIMBY socialites for control of an inheritance locked up in the confusing last wishes of Amelia Dettmer an eccentric heiress and animal welfare advocate.

If Agatha is unable to uncover the truth, the people and pets of Amelia’s beloved Quercus Grove Animal Rescue Society and Thrift (QGARST) will be left out in the cold.

The Secret of the Old Cloche is the first Agatha Christine mystery.

Leslie Stahlhut. Photo by Jordan Jones.

About the Author

Leslie Stahlhut is a writer, crochet designer, and yarn bomber whose crochet installations brighten the path next to an acequeia near her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her afghans have won best-in-show, first place, and even fifth place at state and county fairs. Two of her afghans honor her grandmothers from rural California and Illinois. Her designs have graced board shorts, Vespas, and surfboards.

She earned a BA in English from California State University, Sacramento and an MFA in fiction from Warren Wilson College. Her writing about crochet design has been featured on her blog (Crochetbug) and on web publications by Red Heart Yarns. She is the author of The Borderlands of the Heart and Other Stories.

The Secret of the Old Cloche is her first novel.

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