Eric Paul Shaffer

Author photograph of Eric Paul ShafferEric Paul Shaffer is author of the recent novel Burn & Learn: Memoirs of the Cenozoic Era and five books of poetry, most recently Lāhaina Noon: Nā Mele O Maui, which received an “Award of Excellence” in the Hawai’i Book Publishers Association’s 2006 Ka Palapala Po’okela Book Awards.

More than 250 of his poems have been published in local, national, and international magazines, and in the anthologies 100 Poets Against the War and The Soul Unearthed.

His short fiction appeared in Bamboo Ridge, Bakunin, Prose Ax, and Natural Bridge, and in two chapbooks of fiction selected from his novel Burn & Learn: “You Are Here” (Obscure Publications) and “The Felony Stick” (Leaping Dog Press).

Shaffer received the 2002 Elliot Cades Award for Literature, and he was a 2006 Fellow at the annual Summer Fishtrap Writers Workshop and Retreat at Wallowa Lake near Enterprise, Oregon.

He lives with his wife Veronica and two rambunctious sister cats on a ridge overlooking Kalihi. He teaches composition and literature at Honolulu Community College.

Leaping Dog Press Titles

  • Portable Planet: Poems (2000)
  • Living at the Monastery, Working in the Kitchen (2001)
  • Lāhaina Noon: Nā Mele O Maui: Poems (2005)
  • The Felony Stick: Selections from Memoirs of the Cenozoic Era (Leaping Dog Press Chapbook, 2006)
  • Burn & Learn: Memoirs of the Cenozoic Era: A Novel (2009)

Other Publications

  • How I Read Gertrude Stein by Lew Welch, edited by Eric Paul Shaffer (Grey Fox, 1995)
  • The Soul Unearthed: Celebrating Wildness and Personal Renewal Through Nature, edited by Cass Adams (J. P. Tarcher, 1996)
  • 100 Poets Against the War, edited by Todd Swift (Salt Publishing, 2003)
  • You Are Here (Obscure Publications, Third Series, 2004)
  • Road Sign Suite: Across America and Again (Obscure Publications, Fourth Series, 2007)
  • Restoring Lady Liberty (Obscure Publications, Fifth Series, 2009)

Press Releases

  • September 5, 2000: The ‘Other’ Maui Poet Publishes Portable Planet, The First Title from Leaping Dog Press
  • December 21, 2000: Biography: Eric Paul Shaffer
  • October 21, 2009: Burn & Learn: 54 Cubic Inches of Crazily-Crafted Contemporary Tales in One Novel
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